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Ensure that your values are aligned with our investment in a new asset class


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Utilize our expertise to help others by referring them to our business


Remain open-minded when evaluating different asset classes


Take the time to research and understand the potential benefits and risks associated with investing in a new asset class

Secure Real Estate Asset

Real estate is a secure asset class, especially during recessions and times of inflation. It offers investors a valuable opportunity to diversify their portfolio and increase their returns long term.

Passive Income Strategies

I help busy professionals invest in real estate and create passive income streams with the potential for double-digit returns. My strategies are designed to be recession-proof and inflation-proof, while still providing steady returns.

Relationship Building

I also provide guidance on relationship building to ensure that clients have access to future investment opportunities. My services provide a comprehensive approach to real estate investing so that clients can rest assured that their investments are secure and their returns are maximized.

iFourwalls Capital

Your Real Estate Partner

Clients face many problems when it comes to investing and building wealth, especially during times of recession and inflation. One of the main issues is the lack of a recession and inflation-proof asset class, which is a necessary component of a diversified portfolio. Another issue is the lack of passive income strategies, which can lead to clients relying on a single, risky source of income.

I offer a solution to these problems by helping busy professionals invest in real estate and earn double-digit returns in a secure, insured asset while they sit back and collect their passive income. Additionally, I help foster relationships for future investing opportunities. This allows clients to achieve a diversified portfolio, secure their financial future, and generate a steady source of passive income.

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Al Domínguez

Al Dominguez is a dynamic entrepreneur and passionate advocate for financial freedom. With years of experience in the finance and investment industries, Al has developed a keen understanding of the power of real estate as a tool for wealth creation and financial security.

As a young athlete, Al learned the value of hard work, determination, and teamwork on the basketball court. These same values would later serve him well in his career in real estate, where he has become known for his ability to build strong teams and identify winning investment opportunities.

But what truly sets Al apart is his commitment to sharing his knowledge and expertise with others. He firmly believes that financial freedom is within reach for anyone who is willing to put in the work and learn the right strategies.

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